Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Weekend Away

Jeremy started his new job in September and his company is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. He's been spending a lot of time there in training, I went up to visit him for a weekend early in October - since he had a free place to stay and all, we decided, why not!? While I was there, we drove over to Boston - it's only about 45 minutes away and neither of us had ever been. It's fabulous city and we had a great time seeing the sights. The picture above is the USS Constitution. There is a TON of history in Boston - really cool!

Cruising the Boston Harbor. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny, but COOL day when we were there!

Lunch at Cheers. I had the best grilled cheese sandwich of my entire life there. Seriously. Three cheeses, roasted red peppers and black olives - so good!

Me posing with all the buoys!

The next day, Jeremy showed me around Hartford. He found this cute little park to go running. We went to see the fall colors.

I was scheduled to fly out on Sunday night, but due to computer issues on my plane, the flight was delayed indefinitely. The airline informed me that I would miss my connection and wouldn't be able to get to Nashville on Sunday. So, I stayed one more night in Hartford and flew out at 5:45 on Monday morning (yikes!). I was able to get some neat shots from my window seat, though.