Monday, July 8, 2013

GC is ONE!

-Size 12 month clothes (a few 9 month pieces still fit, too!)
-Size 3 diaper  (day and night)
-Weight: 20.12 lbs. 
-Height: 27 3/4 inches 
-Still nap twice a day for the most part, but are gradually moving to one afternoon nap
-You eat 3 meals a day and one afternoon snack
-You started drinking whole milk on your birthday and like it just fine - milk and water are all you drink
-You love most all food and enjoy eating the more "seasoned" food off of our plates. Favorites are green beans, spaghetti, carbs of any kind (!), cheese toast, and Nutri-Grain bars.
-You have EIGHT teeth 
-You started walking the week you turned one and it's definitely your preferred mode of getting around now. It's still shocking to me sometimes to see you walking all over the house.
-You are friendly to everyone and rarely cry when I hand you to other people. You do cry at school/church drop-off, but settle quickly and have so much fun!
-You are a climber! You love climbing in and out of your pink chair and this weekend went up the entire staircase at home (with me right behind you!) Yikes!
-You like your toys, but don't seem to have a real favorite right now. You move around from one thing to the next very quickly.
-You said "duh-do" anytime you see an animal and something that sounds like "that dog" or "get dog" when you see Scout. 
-You are a good sleeper, but recently naptime has become more of a challenge. You are so tired, but fuss when I lay you down and usually have to cry for a few minutes before settling down and falling asleep. 
-Pinky Poodle is your lovie of choice. You LOVE him and stroke his ears and suck your thumb to soothe yourself.

I haven't taken your monthly "sticker picture" yet, but here are a few of you at "ONE!" 

A favorite activity: climb on the zebra, then climb off the zebra, repeat. 
Happy girl at school on her birthday*
Party Day! *
Opening gifts! *

We are so thankful for such a sweet, smiley, laid back baby girl! It's been such a fun year with you! We pray that you are always so sweet and tender-hearted. 

We love you, Gentry Claire! 

*photo credits to Jennifer Tramel: