Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gentry Claire at 5 Months!

GC as we arrived at work and school today!
Gentry Claire turned 5 months old today, November 27, 2012. She is so much fun and we love her. I can't remember what life was like before she came along. Here are some things she's been up to:

-Weighs about 15 pounds and is 25 1/4 inches long (based on my measurements at home.)
-Size 2 diaper during the day, size 3 at night
-Take 4 bottles a day that are 7 oz. each
-Has tried carrots, squash, green peas, sweet potato, and apples and LOVES them all.
-3-4 naps per day
-Go to bed between 7:30-8 p.m. and wakes up between 6-6:30 a.m. Sometimes we have to wake you up to get ready for school and it makes me feel awful!
-You're not sitting up yet, but you will be soon. You try and pull yourself up to sitting in your carseat and high chair.
-You recently discovered Scout and think she's a funny dog!
-You are a happy, happy girl and smile at everyone.
-You've laughed a few times, but only when we try really hard to make you.
-You started flipping from back to tummy and tummy to back a while ago and you love it now. You flip everywhere!
-You like your bathtime and smile when I put you in and splash water on you.
-You like going to school and the church nursery. Your teachers say you are happy and easy going.

We love you, little girl and are so happy you are part of our family! Thank you, God, for our sweet girl.