Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hello, Dolly!

It was Dolly Parton night on American Idol. Kind of a weird choice, but I love Dolly, so it was fun to see her on the show.

If Kristy Lee Cook or Ramiele don't go home this week I swear I'm going to stop watching Idol. Well, not really, but seriously I think it's Ramiele's time to go. She just doesn't bring anything to the show and in the words of the great Simon Cowell, she is very "forgettable." Sad, but true.

I'm not sure who I think might round out the bottom three. I hope it's Syesha, but I think Brooke or Castro might be in danger just because voters are fickle people and I'm not one of them.

My pick for the bottom 3: Kristy Lee, Ramiele, and Syesha.

I liked Brooke's rendition of "Jolene" last night, but I have to agree it lacked any real emotion. I thought Castro was great and picked a song that really suited him. I liked David Cook and really liked his haircut, too! I also really loved Michael Johns - way to be bluesy! I thought Archuletta was really great, too. It just amazes me that he has that kind of voice and is only 17. Carly was also really great and I loved her version of "Here You Come Again." While I didn't like her red pants I thought it was extra rude of Cowell to comment on her clothes. Her hair and top were great! He's crazy.


Carrie said...

I loved David C.'s haircut too! It's what I've been waiting for...

And I agree - Kristy or Ramiele better go. I did like that Dolly told Kristy "you're mom will be proud" HA!!

Haley said...

David C. is HOTT. That hair, those lips.

I need Kristy to go, because the longer she stays, the less confidence I have in America.

Marissa said...

David C. - the unexpected heartthrob. He is SO great!

I agree. Kristy needs to leave next. I was so, so glad to see Ramiele and her pouty lips get kicked to the curb. Then I felt bad when she started crying!