Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Time, No Type

I'm sure my regular readers (all 2 of you!) have been wondering what I've been up to in my two week blogging absence. Things have been kind of crazy, but honestly I couldn't tell you what the majority of my time has been spent on.

I did take a trip to Nashville a few weeks ago to see the Commodores take on the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Alas, my hopes of a Commodore win were dashed, but we had a good time anyway.

Jeremy sporting his Bama attire...Booooo!!!

The whole fam went to the game - even Dad! For those of you who know my father, you know this is a HUGE deal. He is NOT a football fan. He stayed through 3 whole quarters - very impressive!

And then, last Friday night my good friend Sapna came over and we painted a masterpiece (if I do say so myself) together.
Here is the original painting that inspired us:
And this is my interpretation. I didn't paint the scripture on there because I have no idea how to paint letters with any real accuracy or so that they might be ledgible. Oh well!

This week the blogging absence has been due to the fact that I've been trapped in a classroom from 8:00 to 5:00 every day at Jefferson State Community College in preparation to take my Life & Health Insurance Exam. And yes, it is just as thrilling as it sounds. Needless to say, my days and nights have been spent studying. Thankfully, it wasn't all a waste. I passed my test today! Life insurance, anyone?


Melissa Platt said...

i did notice you were gone and glad you are back! thanks for the update!

Katie said...

Yay on passing your test!

Another beautiful masterpiece!