Friday, January 3, 2014

What a Difference One Year Makes

Gentry Claire - January 2013
Gentry Claire - December 2013

I can't even believe the difference that ONE year has made in this little girl. I mean, seriously, is that even the same child? The change from a baby to a toddler is pretty drastic when you look at it side by side like this.

Gentry Claire turned 18 months old on December 27, which just happens to be my birthday. We share a half-birthday - kind of neat! Here is what she's up to these days: 

- Size 18 month clothes
-Size 4 diaper
-Weight: 25 pounds, 11.5 ounces on January 3
-Height: 33 inches tall
-One nap per day, after lunch, usually for 1 - 1.5 hours
-You LOVE milk and ask for it all the time. Milk and water are all you drink.
-You are a great eater and will try anything we put in front of you. Favorites are spaghetti, chicken, broccoli, quinoa, and beans.
-You have so many teeth that I've lost count on when they are coming in. 
-You love to walk, run, and climb. Your favorite is climbing in kitchen chairs and you've fallen out a few times, but it doesn't stop you! 
-You LOVE to be outside and cry when you have to come in.
-You love coming to school everyday and rarely cry when I leave you (at school or the church nursery). 
-You like playing with your new toy kitchen and dollhouse that you got for Christmas. You like playing with animals and making animal noises. Cars and trucks are a favorite, too and you make a "rrrrrr!" noise when you drive them around.
-You repeat everything we say - or at least try to. You have started saying "night night" at bedtime, "up mama" when you want me to hold you,  "ok" when you hear us say it, and "baba" for baby. You have a ton of words right now that I can't even remember them all. 
-Pinky Poodle is still your favorite lovey and you can't sleep without him. 
-You "take roll" at dinner each night (we are staying with my parents right now) and you go around the table and say, "Gigi, Paw, Dada, Mama, Scou (for Scout, our dog)." It's really funny. 
-You still use sign language a lot when you want "more" or "milk" even though you can say those words clearly. 
-You had fun at Christmas and can now point out "ights!" (lights), "tee!" (tree), and "hohoho" (when you see a Santa face.
-You are feisty and get upset quickly when you don't get your way. You lay flat on the floor with your face down and cry. It's funny, but we try not to laugh in front of you. 
-You got a pretend jar of salsa in your dish set for Christmas and I told you, "oooh, that's my favorite." Now everytime you get it out you run to me with the jar in hand and say, "mama! mama!" It's neat to see you associate two things. 

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