Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend!

I've done it! I've officially given up my favorite drink, Diet Coke, and for that matter all forms of soda in general. The first day was easy. Day 2 was more tricky because I had a caffeine headache and REALLY wanted a diet coke with my lunch. Yesterday was no problem and so far today I'm ok. It's Day 4 of my promise to give up soda and things are going well so far! I don't drink the real stuff, but I know that the diet variety is still just as bad for me. All those chemicals and ickiness just don't need to be consumed! Granted, I'm sure I get chemicals from other things I eat and drink - I'm not that naive, but at least I can control this one.

I guess I was inspired by my dad to give this up. Dad was drinking probably 6 or 8 of these a day. He gave them up, so I know I can, too. He had a horrible allergic reaction a few weeks ago to (he assumes) some diet grape soda he decided to try. It was not pretty and he got pretty sick and even spent the night in the hospital.

I'm not on a diet or anything like that. I guess I'm just making an overall attempt to be more healthy and consume a lot less caffeine (I still have coffee in the mornings, so I haven't eliminated it completely) and "ickiness."


molly said...

now i feel like i should jump on the band wagon. but no.. that would be like giving up meat for me. i just can't.

Allison Bussell said...

Have you considered the caffeine free variety? I drank while I was pregnant and nursing, and it really isn't bad at all. Sure beats no Diet Coke at all. Wow, you're brave!

Marissa said...

I'm considering it now. It's Day 6 and I am dying for a carbonated drink! I really think it's more about the bubbly, fizziness from a Diet Coke than the caffeine.

emily said...

i'm super impressed marissa! ...an inspiration to us all!