Monday, May 19, 2008

7 Randoms and an Update

So, Carrie B. (see her link in my "Blogs I Read" listing - I am not good at linking) tagged me to tell 7 Random Things about myself. Here goes:

1. I get frustrated (like, really, really frustrated) when I don't master something the first time I try i.e. knitting, jewelry making, golf, tennis, running, etc. I usually just give up and stop trying. I am still attempting to master or at least be somewhat decent at each of these listed, so maybe I am turning over a new leaf. Especially golf. I love the game - the sights, sounds, look, manners and everything associated with it. I am determined to be a golfer!

2. My middle finger is nearly 4 inches long. I know this because in my high school chemistry class a guy that sat near me actually measured it one day. There was a fascination with how long my fingers were. They are quite long. P.S. I just got up to go measure it and it is 3 3/4" long. I should have stuck with those piano lessons.

3. I love vintage and antique "stuff." I have started a collection of vintage aprons - most of which came from my grandmother's things - and I actually wear a few of them. I also love vintage handkerchiefs and napkins. I bought a set of 6 embroidered napkins at Trade Days yesterday and I love them!

4. I am obsessive about my checkbook. I write down transactions as soon as I make them and check my bank account online nearly everyday.

5. At last count I had over 50 pair of shoes. Probably half of which are flip-flops. I have a problem.

6. Jeremy says I have a fascination with "older men." I am in love with Patrick Stewart, David Letterman, and Harrison Ford. Just last night I mentioned how George Strait was "looking pretty good for his age" and Jeremy and I both laughed.

7. I think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I love pizza. Like, seriously, have an obsession with it and could eat it every single day. I don't, of course, but I would if it weren't so bad for me. I have never had a bad pizza and can't even begin to imagine the concept.

Update on my bird situation: I moved my fern out into the back yard because I didn't want those birds flying back and forth from under the patio. Because it is a "shade fern" it quickly began to dry out. I complained about how mad I was that I had to move it for a couple of days and Jeremy, who is much braver than I, went out and removed the nest from my fern. He put it on the ground next to the tree, so hopefully the eggs are ok. My fern is much happier now back in its original spot in the shade. :)

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