Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Perfect Gift

I love gift cards! We got one to Lowe's at our shower last weekend and have already spent it on stuff for the house - some shelves for the bathroom and this lovely hibiscus that J picked out - for the patio. Isn't it pretty?


aubrey said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be my personal assitant! I was JUST telling one of my friends that I would PAY someone to do this for me... if I were a kept woman and had money for servants! haha! I survived and have food for a WHILE so... its all good! I love your tree btw! I have one on my porch 'cept mine is pink! It blloms everyday! I LOVE IT!

Haley said...

Let me just tell you how awesome Hibiscus trees are. They are THE EASIEST plant to kill and bring back to life. ;) Seriously though, keep it well watered and it will be good to you.

Marissa said...

Hooray! I am excited about this plant! It has put out new blooms everyday.