Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Tried It!

Ok, so I told you I was going to try this and I did and so far I like the results! Thanks Alison for reminding me to post my results!

I read the article probably 5 times before I actually tried it. Smearing oil on my face did not sound like a pleasant endeavor - especially since one of the oils is used for a...ahem...laxative. Gross! Jeremy gave me a pretty hard time about that one! But the castor oil is essential, since it has the cleansing property.

I used a mixture of 30% castor oil to 70% olive oil because my skin tends to be a little on the oily side. I bought a little travel size shampoo bottle at Target and mixed my oils together in that. I followed the instructions exactly as they are laid out in the article and when I was done my face did look kind of glowy! It didn't feel greasy at all, which is what I was afraid of. And it actually removed all of my eye make-up and I didn't have to wash my face with a separate cleanser. The blackheads that I do have seem to have gotten a lot smaller and less noticeable - does anyone else have a problem with these? They are so gross to me and I can never seen to really get rid of them!!

I've only used the oil cleansing method twice, but I think I'll definitely add it into the rotation maybe 3 times a week. The only thing I felt bad about was leaving the hot water running for so long while I was doing this. Oops!

If you try it let me know what you think!

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