Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Can't Help But Watch

Every year I swear that I won't get hooked into the ratings giant that is American Idol. Sadly, every year I fail and I get hooked and can't stop watching. Last night I decided who my favorite guy is....Mr. David Archuleta. You can see his performance of "Imagine" from last night here:

I'm also a fan of Michael Johns and David Hernandez.

My picks to go home: Luke Menard (gag!), Jason Yeager (Seriously, those fist pumps at the end of his performance?!?! Could he BE any cheesier??), or Danny Noriega (double gag! Sure, the kid can sing alright, but seriously I don't see people getting on board to buy tickets to see him perfom live.)


molly said...

i haven't finished watching last night's yet. I'm looking forward to little Archuletto.. or however you spell his name. I have to say I'm a big fan of Michael Johns!

molly said...


Haley said...

David is so super precious. And how much do I love Michael Johns!