Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Great Debate

On my sister's recommendation I watched the episode of 30 Days that she referenced a few days ago and when it was over, I had tears streaming down my face and could hardly talk. Also, go here to check out the Peta video she references. It is enlightening to say the least - and a tad graphic, so if you have a weak stomach, steer clear.

To eat meat or not to eat meat? That is the question.

I know that most meats are probably not the most healthful choice. There are so many chemicals, hormones, and other additives put in the meat we consume today it's scary. For my health, I know I should eat less meat or even no meat at all.

My biggest problem comes with the inhumane, cruel, and downright disgusting conditions that so many animals that we eat everyday are raised in. I don't believe that any part of God's creation should be treated with cruelty and after watching 30 Days and other videos that depict the treatment of animals that are raised for food I just don't know if I can eat meat anymore. I wept for the calf that died because it was taken from its mother at birth and died because it was malnourished and for the dog that was killed just because the shelter ran out of room and for the thousands of other animals that never get to see the sun or roam freely because they are trapped in a cage too small for them to even turn around in. It's sad and it's unfair.

As I was telling Jeremy about all of this last night he asked, "What about wearing leather and eating eggs and cheese?" (I LOOOOVE cheese.) And I was honest and I told him I didn't know what to do. I feel so torn on this issue because on one hand I truly believe animals are here for us to enjoy and yes, to eat, but on the other I can't see how God would stand for the way we, as humans, are treating these animals. And for me to pretend it's not happening and just continue to eat them anyway...well, that's the decision I'm trying to make here.

I read this on last night and I thought it gave an interesting, Biblical perspective on vegetarianism. It's absolutely a personal choice whether or not to eat meat or dairy and it's not one I am taking lightly. I don't believe eating meat is a sin or anything like that, I just don't know if I can eat it anymore knowing what I know now.

The debate is still going on in my head and my heart, but as far as today goes, I haven't had any meat.

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