Friday, May 14, 2010

Bold or Bad?

I'm blogging a lot this week. I have no idea why. Although, I'm pretty sure my readership consists only of my sister and maybe my mom, so I hope y'all are enjoying this!

I had a manicure and a pedicure yesterday. I wanted to try something different with the color and I went with this. It's called "Skin Tight" (I have NO idea why) and it's kind of a brownish-plum color. I kind of love it and kind of hate it. The jury's still out. Here are my dark (and very short) nails:


Elizabeth said...

Um, HELLO??? I read your blog too!!!

LOVE the nail color! I am all about random colors on my toes and fingernails! Last year I decided to be a rebel and I wore black on my toes all summer...I felt goth and it was good!

Carrie said...

I read too!! (I'm totally stealing that Friday photo idea too!)

I do like the brown/plum color. It's great! Especially on the short nails. It totally works!

Marissa said...

Hooray for two more readers! :) Thanks for the compliments...I'm going with LOVE on the nail color. It's really grown on me.

Marissa said...

The kids at school today asked me, "Why do you have BROWN NAILS?!" haha!