Friday, May 7, 2010

Resolution Revisions

So here we are, only 7 days into May and I've already failed at keeping my resolutions 100%. (See previous post if you're curious or care to see what my original resolutions were. Does anyone even read this anymore? Hello? Bueller? Bueller???) So here are a few revisions that I'm adding.

To my "only drink water" resolution I'm adding a clause that allows unsweet tea. Sometimes I just need a little flavor and tea is still better than the amount of diet Coke I was previously consuming.

To my "exercise. every. single. day." resolution I'm adding a goal of at least 5 days a week. I mean, seriously, it's just hard to work out every single day. I know people do it, but for me, right now, it's just not a reality. I didn't work out on Sunday and yesterday, I was at work from 6am - 6pm and I'll be honest, I did not feel like popping in my Jillian Michaels DVD when I got home and I don't feel guilty about that! So, 7 days in and I've worked out 5 of them. That's not too shabby!

So, I'm going to drink mostly water, with some tea, and have a goal of exercising at least 5 days a week. That's still better that what I was doing before.

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