Saturday, March 22, 2008

Patio Project

Jeremy and I decided to extend our patio out to the edge of the house. First, he tilled up the spot and dug out all the top soil...and I helped rake out all the dead grass and dumped it in the creek behind our house.
Then he packed down all the dirt and leveled it out...and I hauled off most of the dirt in a wheelbarrow to the back corner of the yard where it waits for another project.

Then we poured a layer of crushed rock followed by a layer of sand. After that, Jeremy busted out his masonry skills and leveled the sand before laying out 90 paving stones...that I loaded 4 at a time in a wheelbarrow and carried back and forth to him.

And here is the (semi-) finished project. We are still working on making it look "pretty" but it's a good start! We're also going to add a pergola to give us a little shade!

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