Monday, January 19, 2009

Merry, Merry!

This year, J and I decided not to buy Christmas presents for each other. There were other things we wanted to spend our money on and things we wanted to do in our house, so we decided to just skip the presents for each other.
I have to admit, the idea of not buying him anything kind of bummed me out, but I was going to stick the plan - and I did - HE didn't!
I came home a week or so before Christmas and J was busy in the office doing something that he wouldn't let me see. He had the door closed and told me to STAY OUT. When he reappeared he grabbed my purse in the kitchen and said, "Hey, your phone is ringing!" I pulled out my jacked up old phone, but it wasn't ringing. In the bottom of my purse there was a shiny blue light and I pulled out a lovely new iPhone! I screamed I was so excited!
It is the coolest. phone. ever. I'm sort of addicted now!

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