Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Handyman is Very Handy

J and I have been wanting some new bookshelves for our living room a lot lately. We have a lot of "little things" and books, but not a lot of room to display them like I'd like. J decided now was the time to work on them, so he took on the challenge and I helped as much as I could. This was his first big woodworking project and I'm so proud of him and
how they turned out I can't stand it!
Here is Jeremy with the bottom half (almost) completed. These will eventually have doors, so I can store all sorts of goodies in there and if they aren't 100% neatly organized it won't matter!!

And here they are nearly finished. J added some really nice trim to make them look more "finished." I think they look awesome! We spend this weekend painting them "Promenade" which is just a shade of white. They look super great now, but sadly I don't have a picture to show you just yet. Stay tuned...

p.s. Please ignore the filth that is my living room. I didn't realize how messy and all-consuming projects like this can be!

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